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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 21, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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we have to fight so we can say what was said in the past, beloved haiti, this is a great nation. there will be a change. mass shooting. a gunman takes aim inside a day spa killing three people and himself. assassination outrage over the death of a leader. lebanese storm the government's headquarters demanding change. fighting back. a bus driver stands up to a passenger behaving badly. some say he went too far. did he? or is it time we stop coddling people who act like jerks?
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the new royalty. >> be proud of who you are. >> the homecoming queen who broke the color and weight barrier at an old-time southern university. hello, everyone. i'm don lemon. thanks for joining us. get you up to speed on the stories making headlines. a horrifying sunday afternoon outside milwaukee. this is a shopping center where a man with a gun walked into a day spa and started shooting. seven people were hit, three of them died. we have new information tonight about the only person believed to be involved in killing those people. it is a grisly discovery. you will hear about it from the chief of police. the numbers climb in the deadly fungal meningitis outbreak. according to th ing ting to dat sunday, 23 deaths are tied to the outbreak. there are 285 infections.
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violent protests erupted in beirut sunday after the funeral of lebanon's assassinated intelligence chief. general wissam al hassan was killed in broad daylight in a car bombing on friday. avenues critic of syria's regime. some protesters are blaming syria for the assassination and also pointing fingers at lebanon's government, which is linked to a syrian ally, hezbollah. lebanon's prime minister, syria's government, and hezbollah have con denled the assassination. much more from beirut straight ahead. a terror plot has been disrupted by jordan. jordan's government spokesman says 11 suspects associated with al qaeda's ideology are in custody. the name 9/11 2 suggests the plot was set for november 9th, which is the seventh anniversary
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of the last al qaeda attack in jordan. a newly released picture of former cube an leader fidel castro may put some rumors to rest. the photo of castro with the former venezuelan vice president was said to have been taken in havana on saturday. in it the 86-year-old castro looks relaxed and well. speculation has been surging in recent weeks about his health. most of it came from -- came after castro failed to publicly congratulate hugo chavez on his election victory. it's never happened before. pope benedict xvi conditianyoni lily of the mohawk. she is credited with the miraculous recovery of a boy whose family parade to her in 2006. the pope also named six other saints a deadly shooting, a
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manhunt, it's all over, but the questions in the suburb of milwaukee still remain. here is the chief of police in brookfield, wisconsin, just a short time ago. >> the one suspect we believe is responsible for the shootings today is deceased. we believe it to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. we are not, and i repeat, are not seeking any additional suspects. our community can feel safe. southeastern wisconsin can feel safe in this matter that we are not seeking any additional suspects. >> so here is what we know right now. three people are dead, four people are wounded. the man witnesses say walked into a day spa and started shooting is dead, suicide they believe. police now are trying to put together why he did it and to draw a connection to the victims. preparations are under way for the third and final presidential debate. it is in boca raraton, florida,n
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monday night. mark preston is there. mark? >> reporter: 24 hours from now the candidates will be seated at a table behind me for this 90-minute debate. perhaps that will calm down a little bit of the fireworks we saw a week ago where barack obama had to reassert himself to energize his base and show he was not going to back down to mitt romney. mitt romney is going to get the first question tomorrow night. they'll both have a chance then to answer the question and then there will be a discussion on it. this is going to be about foreign policy largely, but we can't forget about the economy. that will be a major theme tomorrow night. one of the themes when it comes to foreign policy surely is going to be this report from "the new york times" about how the u.s. has been in discussions about having one-on-one meetings with iran right after the elections. now, the administration has said that that, in fact, is not true. mitt romney was asked about it and he chose not to address the question. lindsay graham was on the talk shows this morning and he talked
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about it. >> i think the iranians are taking advantage of our election cycle to continue. they continue to enrich. >> reporter: won't just be about iran. it's going to be about afghanistan and pakistan. it's going to be about the new middle east and the new threat of terror from that region and china, the looming giant, of course, across the sea, across the ocean that the united states has to pay close attention to. >> mark, thank you very much. cnn is your choice for the third and final presidential debate. our live coverage begins monday night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. chaos in the streets of lebanon. we'll tell you why protesters clashed with security forces. [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles
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michigan police have released a sketch of the person they think may be responsible for a series of shootings in the suburban detroit area. there have been at least 17 attacks targeting mostly drivers that began last tuesday and lasted for about 48 hours. so far no one has been hurt. police believe the shooter has a semiautomatic handgun and is driving a dark vehicle. they're warning drivers to be on the alert. new details in that inglewood, california, shooting to tell you about where a gunman opened fire on a family of six. police found a burnt body dressed in bullet resistant armor and clutching a handgun inside the suspected gunman's home. they say the body may be that of
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desmond john moses. police believe he set fire to his own home before gunning down his next door neighbor and his family. a father who tried to shield his kids from the bullets is dead. so is his 4-year-old son. two other children and the man's wife are in critical but stable condition. overseas now. beirut in chaos after the funeral for the nation's intelligence chief. he was assassinated in broad daylight on friday. angry crowds are demanding the resignation to the prime minister. mohammed jamjoom was at the chaotic scene. >> reporter: the tensions have completely boiled over. this angry crowd trying to break through barriers here. they are demanding the resignation of the prime minister trying to march to the prime minister's office over here. now they're engaging in clashes with police security forces. tear gas is being deployed.
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they are demanding the resignation of the prime minister. we heard this rhetoric at the funeral today. that's what has driven most of these people out into the streets marching onto the government offices confronting the security forces. >> translator: bashar al assad's government, we don't want such a thing. we don't want our prime minister to be our lead are hiding bashar's crimes. they are responsible for the blood. >> reporter: many people here wondering if this is a harbinger of things to come. mohammed jamjoom, cnn, beirut. jordan's intelligence department has foiled a terror plot called 9/11 2. a source tells cnn the u.s. embassy in ahmmman appears to b the target. 11 suspects are in custody and all suspects are jordanian
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citizens who moved in and out of syria. other targets reportedly included shopping centers, na neighborhoods, and diplomats. it suggests the plot was set for november 9th. president obama and republican challenger mitt romney preparing for their last debate. it's just hours away. next, two of our political experts weigh in on what each candidate needs to accomplish in the final showdown. ost rewards of any small business credit card! how does this thing work? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! woo-hoo!!! so that's ten security gators, right? put them on my spark card! why settle for less? testing hot tar... great businesses deserve the most rewards! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? here's your invoice. i'm an expert on softball. and tea parties.
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third and final presidential debate less than 24 hours away. the focus, foreign policy. it's interesting since foreign policy barely registers for most americans and probably doesn't sway their vote. look at this poll. only 4% of registered voters say that foreign policy is the most important issue in america. i spoke with lz granderson and will cain about the roll the attacks on the u.s. consulate in benghazi will play in tomorrow's debate.
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>> i'm disappointed in that exchange about libya and here is why. talking about the truth but he's talking about a superficial truth, about what was said when, when the word terror was uttered. was it in the rose garden or the day after or two weeks later? the point is when the word terror was uttered is strictly a campaign issue. it is not an issue of accountability to the american people. the question that needs to be answered and has yet to be answered is why susan rice and jay carney said this was attributable to a video and a spontaneous attack arising out of that video. it may be that the cia told them that's what they thought. we had a report on friday but that conflicts with a state department report. that question hasn't been answered -- >> does it have to be one? it can't be both? >> what do you mean? >> it can't be because avid yo and it can't be because there was something that was planned? is it mutually exclusive? it could be a number of things that caused it? >> i don't see -- i don't know if that's possible, don. right now i know these were planned terrorist attacks, not
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arisen out of some spontaneous attack, some protest. by the way, there was no protest. we know there wasn't even a protest, not even in response to a video. the spount this, we don't know the truth as the american people and debating when terror was uttered is not helping us understand the truth when we didn't know it for two weeks. >> go ahead, lz. >> i think what is important was that seeing romney in that situation is a microcosm of his entire political life. he's willing to say or do anything to win the presidency. i agree with you, the important questions have not been asked nor have they been answered but in that moment when mitt romney was forced to be corrected by the moderator, candy, what you saw was srm what we've been seeing over and over and over again which is mitt romney lying. just saying whatever he needs to say in front of whoever is in front of him at the time to get people to vote for him. and what happened in that moment allowed people to go, you know what? it isn't about media spin. this guy really does say whatever he needs to in those moments. >> and the conversation isn't over. i'm going to ask will and lz why
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libya is likely to be a major topic at tomorrow night's
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presidential debate. offering president obama one last chance to defend his record on foreign policy. i want to bring back cnn contributors lz granderson and will cain on this subject. listen to this, matthew dowd again this morning. >> i think let me just say one thing to put this benghazi thing in context of like why don't we have answers and where are they? i worked for president bush. we had a president and an administration for years made an argument about weapons of mass destruction for years and now we've lost thousands of lives over in iraq based on a false assumption. it wasn't two weeks. this was months and months and months of a conversation where we never got the right answer to this and we still today nobody in the administration had a high enough -- >> and the point is our intelligence gathering is bad. >> will, for people who are not partisan, who are not way far on the left or way far on the right, matthew dowd makes a lot of sense because we're still trying to figure out where the weapons of mass destruction are years after 9/11, years after
10:22 pm
the invasion in iraq, and then two weeks after the sad horrific thing that happened in benghazi and also in egypt, we're wanting all of the answers in just a couple of weeks? what gives here? it does seem to be politicized. he makes sense. >> i don't think, don, now -- in our last conversation or the point i'm about to make you here, i'm making you any political point. i'm just making a point i think the american people deserve to have an answer for. i have two for you. just because you can point out a failure from a previous administration doesn't excuse a failure in a current administration. >> but his point was is that -- and he says both sides do it and i agree, and in this instance it happens to be the right who is doing it. he is saying that no one steps back and takes a breath and waits for information. of course people deserve to have answers, but why would you expect someone to have all of the answers in a week or two when your very own party did not expect someone in your own party to have it in years and still
10:23 pm
has not expected the bush administration to come up with an answer for that. >> i got it. don't do the party thing, don, because i'm not defending or indicting a party. i'm indicting a process and a couple statements. that brings me to my second point now to answer your question, and that is i'm not demanding answers. i'm demanding you tell me, obama administration, jay carney, susan rice, why you tell me you did have an affirmative answer. you didn't come out and tell me you don't know. instead, you told me you did have an answer. you said it was a spontaneous attack in response to a video, and don't act like that didn't have a cost, by the way. they paraded a man out on a perp walk two created some silly video so over jihadi knows not only who he is but where he lives. that has ka cost. i'm asking them to explain to me not why they didn't have the answers but why they did. >> you can't expect to have all the answers in just a matter of moments.
10:24 pm
>> i don't think i said that. >> all right. go ahead, lz. >> don, if i will, i don't see how you can't look at this situation and see both parties are hugely at fault. president obama, his administration, they needed to be more thoughtful in how they actually addressed this issue and addressed this tragedy. but we cannot pretend as if romney, whose future administration called foreign policy a distraction, who on video said that he didn't care and was going to kick this ball down the road, we can't pretend either that all of a sudden his excisement about foreign policy isn't also motivated by politics. in this situation we need to call both men out, call both of their advisers out on this and the american people, as will said, deserve to know the truth. >> cnn is your best choice for the third and final presidential debate. our live coverage from boca raton, florida, begins monday night at 7:00 eastern. nfl punter chris cooley is
10:25 pm
fired up about politics and he's outspoken about same-sex marriage. in fact, he's challenging politicians to debate on it. he talks with our poppy harlow now. i don't spend money on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates
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a law legalizing same-sex marriage is on the upcoming ballot in maryland. one of the people supporting the reference dumb is chris kluwe. he wrote a stating letter to one
10:28 pm
maryland lawmaker. our poppy harlow went to mb to get kluwe's take on the marriage issue and more. >> reporter: this is the chris kluwe most football fans know, and this is the minnesota vikings punter posing for a prominent gay magazine. what is this fight about for you? >> to me this fight is about equality and human rights. >> reporter: kluwe isn't coming out, he's speaking out, loudly. where would you say this real passion to defend gay marriage came from? >> the fact is that there are american citizens who pay taxes, who serve in our military, who defend this country who are not benefiting under the same legal protections and laws that the rest of us are and to me that's flat out discrimination. that's the same as segregation or suffrage. >> reporter: in a state divided over a proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, kluwe's taken his fight to blogs and twitter. he recently sent a profanity
10:29 pm
laced letter to a maryland lawmaker who tried to silence a baltimore ravens player for speaking out in support of gay marriage. >> i will defend to the death your right to say or do what you want as long as it does not oppress other people. >> reporter: fellow nfl players certainly don't all agree with him, but kluwe says attitudes are changing. >> i think there is a very -- a much more tolerant atmosphere in the nfl now. >> reporter: is america ready for an openly gay nfl player? >> i don't know. i think until someone comes out, you know, we never will know. >> reporter: you've tweeted that you'd like to debate any minnesota politician on the same-sex marriage issue. i wonder -- >> i'm still waiting. >> reporter: you're still waiting. it's no the just same-sex that gets him rhode island up. ask about other hot button issues and he goes you a. >> citizens united, corporations are not people. if you look at the presidential race right now, we're spending over $1 billion to determine who our president is going to be,
10:30 pm
and to me that says that money has an overriding influence in our politics right now. >> reporter: and on taxes? you would be part of the 1%. >> i am part of the 1%. >> reporter: would you pay higher taxes as a way to help balance the budget? >> ilgd. without question. as long as i have my couch and video games i'm good to go. that's all i need. i mean, do you really need a diamond encrusted yacht? >> reporter: but don't bet on him running for office. he has zero interest. for now this is his fight. >> of it shouldn't be news when someone speaks out for equality. it should be news when someone speaks out against equality. >> reporter: he isn't wild about either candidate but says he'll vote for president obama calling him the less terrible choice. he's not punting this election. poppy harlow, cnn, eden prairie, minnesota. >> poppy thank you for that. a man with a hand gun shot seven people today inside a day spa near milwaukee. three people died and police responding to the scene found the suspected gunman inside the
10:31 pm
spa where where he apparently killed himself. no official word yet on what may have motivated him or if he knew any of the victims. george mcgovern's family will hold his funeral this coming friday. the former u.s. senator died early this morning at a hospice facility at his home state in south dakota. mcgovern's spent more than 20 years in washington before losing the 1972 presidential election to richard nixon. his family announced last week that he was suffering from several health problems. george mcgovern was 90 years old. we checked the amtrak website and train service between chicago and detroit and it is still disrupted. this after several cars jumped the tracks this morning. in this video you can see the cars, they're leaning, but luckily none of them tipped over. 12 people were hurt but none seriously. that is brand new video of
10:32 pm
syrian students protesting and starting fires in the streets of damascus. at least 135 people were killed in syria today including six children and eight women. the u.n. arab league envoy met with syrian president bashar al assad today. the enjoy is trying to broker a cease-fire in syria before an important muslim holiday begins friday. syrian's president says other countries must stop arming rebels. protests erupted in beirut after the funeral of lebanon's assassinated intelligence chief. general wissam al hassan was killed in broad daylight in a car bombing on friday. he was a critic of syria's regime. some protesters are blaming syria for the assassination and also pointing fingers at lebanon's government which is linked to a syrian ally, hezbollah. leban lebanon's prime minister, syria's government, ands had have condemned the assassination. and watching this event in
10:33 pm
texas today, you would never know that lance armstrong is a man disgraced and might be banned from the sport that he dominated for so many years. supporters of the livestrong charity rallied around armstrong today, many of them telling us they're able to separate the cancer-fighting group from the doping scandal that cost the cyclist his champion legacy. take a look at this. i bet nobody will mess with this bus driver again. he stood up to a passenger behaving badly. some say he went too far. up next, i'll talk to someone who says it's time we all do the same and stop coddling people who act like jerks.
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crest. life opens up when you do. what would you do if someone grabbed you and spit on you? would you do this? so that is a cleveland bus driver decking a belligerent woman who came aboard his bus. it was all over tv. it went viral online. lz granderson felt compelled to write an article for it for titled stop coddling people who behave badly. dr. wendy walsh is back to keep us in line. >> that's right. >> are you advocating violence here? >> absolutely not. you know, the thing that really tripped me out about that video was people started going off
10:37 pm
after he punched her. they should have been going off when she was spitting on him, when she was going off on him for like three minutes. i watched a clip, three minutes before he punched her. he's taking this being berated by this woman and people didn't say anything. he punched her and she started losing their minds. should have happened sooner. >> i disagree. no one should have been going off. they should have been sitting in their seats like good passengers and that bus driver should have been behaving like an employee -- >> wendy, wendy -- >> what, what? >> i want you to listen to this. play "the view" for me. >> got suspended but i bet when he gets back on that bus nobody is going to do that to him. nobody is going to get in his face. sometimes you got to show people you cannot do that. >> i'm sorry, women have this idea that you can hit and punch on a man and it's okay -- and he's not going to hit you back. those days are gone. >> all right. i think you were going down that
10:38 pm
road. >> that's like saying that spanking a child is going to improve their behavior. all the research is counter to that completely. positive rewards. listen, don, all this is a fallout from too much vind rights and freedoms in america. i just got back from europe and i was cracking up in a london because if you even park slightly wrong, someone will come up and scold you like, excuse me, you're not supposed to be doing that. in america you'd risk being hit for that. >> what are you saying, we're animals here? >> yes. >> that woman grabbed that man, she hit him, and then she spit on him. that is gis disgusting. >> it's okay to hit because she hit firt first? >> but, wendy, listen, it's not just the wonl on the bus. lz, right, it's about this. there's a woman who fell into the fountain while texting and they threatened to sue the mall. then there was a fan who threw a
10:39 pm
beer, remember that, at ron artest igniting what's known as the basketball. a number of these things. when is it going to stop in lz -- >> i do think americans -- . >> go ahead, wendy? >> americans play the victim card all the time because we use attorneys. we can compromise, we can get along. >> my thanks to lz and dr. wendy. a 60-year-old cleveland man brutally assaulted and it's all caught on tape. but let me warn you, this video may be disturbing for some people to see. police have identified one of the suspects. now they need help in tracking down another one. gregory perry was leaving a convenience store thursday night when he was attacked. he was punched and knocked to the ground but it didn't end there. >> the suspect, steven anderson, who we have identified, goes through his pockets and takes the $40 that mr. perry had, and
10:40 pm
then kicks him a second time, and then as he's done, another individual who we'd like to identify also comes up and kicks mr. perry one more time in the face. >> perry has a cut lip and several broken bones in his face. the ufert of mississippi, you know it as ole miss, well, the school just made history. 50 years after immigrating, it's elected its first african-american homecoming queen. first, collect as many credit cards as you can. compete with your friends to buy possessions you can't afford. and don't bother saving for retirement. it's a long way off. these are all things ben stein says you should do if you want to ruin your financial life. christine romans sits down with him in this week's "mastering your money." >> ben stein is a well-known economist. he was a speechwriter for president nixon and, oh, yeah, this. >> bueller. bueller.
10:41 pm
bueller. >> now ben stein is advising all of us to slack off a little like ferris bueller. he writes financial basics, they're boring. it's much better to be adventurous. he writes a lot of stuff like that but i bet he doesn't mean it considering his new book is entitled "how to really ruin your financial life and portfolio." we know the financial world is full of people trying to fleece you. >> we sure do know that. >> why do smart people do dumb things with their money? >> we would like to believe there's a magical way instead of doing basic simple things. you knew charlie munger, vice chair of berkshire hathaway, very famous lawyer, best frent of warren buffett says it's not necessary to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results with money management. all tough do is simple things. invest in broad indexes of stock, don't play games with commodities, don't play games with futures and things you don't understand, don't play games with foreign exchange,
10:42 pm
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we're lucky, it's not every day you find a companion as loyal as a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. now to the big stories in the week ahead. president obama and mitt romney head to florida for their final debate. important economic data that will affect your bottom line and
10:46 pm
who said i do to justin timberlake in italy? our correspondents tell you what you need to know. let's begin with the president's plans for the week. >> reporter: i'm dan lothian at the white house. after a weekend of study hall at camp david preparing for the third and final debate, president obama heads to boca rat raton, florida, on monday. the debate will focus on foreign policy, and the administration's handling of the terrorist attacks in libya sure to be questioned. after his face-to-face encounter with governor romney, the president will hit the road most likely to battleground states, but he will also visit chicago for early voting. i'm paul steinhauser at the cnn political desk. mitt romney's in florida tomorrow undergoing final preparations for monday night's debate, the last face-off between the two presidential candidates. while romney's in the sunshine state, his running mate, congressman paul ryan, campaigns in another battleground, colorado. the day after the debate, romney joins his wingman in colorado as they start their final push
10:47 pm
towards election day. >> reporter: i'm poppy harlow in new york. a big week ahead for wall street. the first look at third quarterback gdp, the broadest measure of economic broet here in the united states. the latest new home sales data will also be released, then the fed will announce its latest decision on interest rates on wednesday. then on the earnings front, a lot of companies reporting their numbers. we'll get quarterly results from at&t, caterpillar, apple, and facebook. that will garner a lot of attention since this will be facebook's second earnings report since going public. i'm a.j. hammer. here is what we are watching. we are on wedding watch with justin tame ber lake and jessica biel in italy. once i go one-on-one with pat houston just as the houston family reality show gets ready to launch. >> thank you, guys. 50 years after african-american student james meredith walked into the all-white campus of the
10:48 pm
university of mississippi, the student body has crowned their first african-american homecoming queen. i spoke to courtney pearson, who is living proof that change is possible even if it takes 50 years to happen. congratulations to you. >> thank you so much. >> what was going through your head the moment you heard the words that you were going to be queen and then they put the crown on your head? >> oh, i absolutely could not believe it. it was a wonderful, wonderful moment. it was a moment i'll always remember. just my mom was screaming and jumping up and down and it was amazing. we couldn't contain the excitement. >> several of your family members went to ole miss, so you becoming homecoming queen, they must be ecstatic. >> they are. they're in love. they're so 3r0proud of me. >> there have been
10:49 pm
african-american candidates before. why do you think you're the one who won? >> i really just think that the student body is just growing and it's progressing, and they're really looking at the character of a person, and they're just showing how wonderful the university that we are in. they looked at me and saw something in me that said they wanted me to represent them, and it was a great feeling. >> yeah. so let's talk about everything here. you said we can ask you anything, right? >> sure. >> right? so you know the typical look for a homecoming queen, especially an ole miss homecoming queen, i went to college in the south and i know what that's like. you don't look like that in the sense of you're not a size 2 and blond. what do you think that means? do you think that you are making a difference for people who are, you know, as we say bigger girls who can -- may have more confidence in themselves if they see you can go on and become
10:50 pm
homecoming queen, they can be more comfortable with their bodies and not try to maintain a size zero or one, two, or three. >> absolutely. i think it tells people be who you are and be proud of who you are and make sure that people are accepting of who you are. don't try to be anything that you're not and go out there and be the best person that you absolutely can be, and you can achieve anything that you want to. >> you can be any size if you're healthy and be beautiful, right? >> absolutely. absolutely. beauty is so amazing. there's obviously outer beauty, but there's definitely inner beauty as well and that's so important. as long as that beauty is shining through, that's the only thing that matters. >> how have people reacted -- very well-put by the way. how have people reacted to you becoming homecoming queen, being crowned queen on campus or in mississippi? >> the university of mississippi, both the faculty and staff and the student body has been absolutely wonderful. i have heard nothing but good thing for them taking up for me,
10:51 pm
saying this is your representative, our homecoming queen, we're proud of her, we love her. it's been such a welcoming and humbling experience to get so much love from the university of mississippi. >> and outside it's been okay, right? >> it's been okay. absolutely. i mean, there's things out there, but i've absolutely had the best experience i could possibly have, absolutely. >> there's a picture here, and i have just -- just been informed -- is this you with james meredith in the red shirt? >> in the red shirt, yes, that is. >> that is. >> yes. >> the man to integrate ole miss, you're the first on homecoming queen. what was going through your head? >> it was just amazing. i met him right after i won a couple days later in the sky box with the chancellor, and it was just a wonderful opportunity to just be in his midsts and just be able to especially tell him thank you and to see him again for homecoming and to take a
10:52 pm
picture with him. it was just a wonderful moment for me to be able to just say thank you and really be in his presence. >> yeah. >> and be able to have him be proud of me. that's a huge thing for me. >> a 4-year-old girl with brain cancer got to meet her hero, justin bieber. it almost didn't happen because of that shooting we have been telling you about at wisconsin mall. little hailey wanted to see justin bieber but she's stuck in a hospital. a local radio station give her the golden ticket to bieber's concert in milwaukee. then the shooting broke out at the nearby mall. the hospital went on lockdown. it looked like her dream might be dashed. but she is at bieber fan. the lockdown -- she did get to see him. the lockdown was lifted just in time and an ambulance took little hailey to bieber's concert. here is a photo of her right there at the big show. her dad says hailey told bieber she loved him and she said she
10:53 pm
was glad -- he was glad to meet her. we're glad she got her wish there. very nice. people all over the world stayed up late this weekend staring at the heavens. they were hoping to catch a glimpse of a meteor shower, but just in case you missed it, some of our ireporters got some pretty amazing photos. you can see some of the streaks in the night sky right there. this one was taken from the nasa flickr site. beautiful, right? and this one gives a point of view from space. best time to view the meteor shower, just before dawn. so take a look. remembering a man who even defeated change and changed a political landscape. straight ahead, the life and legacy of former u.s. senator george mcgovern. stay connected to cnn. grab your mobile phone or go to if you're on a
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a programming reminder for you, president obama and gop presidential candidate mitt romney face-off in their final debate tomorrow night. they're going to tackle foreign policy. it's going to be live from boca raton, florida, and cnn will have coverage for you starting at 7:00 eastern. the debate begins at 9:00, followed by analysis with our political experts. george mcgovern, the democratic party's presidential
10:57 pm
candidate in 1972 and a former three-term senator, has died. he was 90. mcgovern was a world war ii veteran and a staunch liberal who vehemently opposed the war in vietnam. he entered hospice care last week near his home in south dakota. here is a look back at mcgovern's life and his legacy. >> reporter: george mcgovern lived a fascinating life. america's leading liberal came from republican parents. an outspoken critic of war who was a world war ii hero. he earned a ph.d. in history, then went on to make history. mcgovern first went to washington in 1957 representing south dakota in the house, then later in the senate where he served 18 years. he was among the first to challenge america's involvement in vietnam. >> i resent the president running this war on his election time table. i don't think you ought to be playing a numbers game with human lives, and that's what this administration has done. >> reporter: his opposition to
10:58 pm
the war would become a trademark. lesser known, his work helping to reform the democratic party nomination process significantly scaling back the role of party officials and insiders and increasing the role of caucuses, primaries, and delegates. it's the system used by both parties today. it was mcgovern's own run for president in 1972 most people remember. it didn't go well. already a long shot against president nixon, it didn't help when his acceptance speech to the democratic convention was delayed until 2:30 in the morning, long after the huge television audience had gone to bed. then mcgovern was forced to dump his running mate, thomas eagleton, after it was learned he had a history of psychiatric problems. nixon won by a landslide. despite the defeat, his campaign attracted the political young turks of the day boosting the careers of gary hart and a then unknown bill clinton. mcgovern would try again in 1984
10:59 pm
only to drop out after poor primary showings. but his words still resonate. >> the question is not are we better off than we were four years ago. the question is where will america be four years from now? what is the american future? what kind of america do we want to be? >> reporter: later in life the man from the south dakota prairie refocused on a cause he worked on in the kennedy administration, using america's agricultural strength to feed families at home and eventually around the world. it would be the legacy he prided most. one expert summed it up best saying, the same trait that cost mcgovern the white house would become the same quality many later admired. george mcgovern's ability to say what others would not.


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